My name is Kathy and I’m so glad you could join me. I’m a new(ish) mother in her mid-thirties. I’m married to the world’s most wonderful man whom I’ve been with for most of my life (we met when I was fifteen).

I started this website as something creative to do for myself. In the past I have enjoyed writing so why not try it in this format. I don’t really have hobbies so I’m creating one. Friends know that I like to plan and organize so why not share my journey of organizing my life with you.

Don’t take the name of this site to mean that I’m about all things natural (although I do love being in nature). I’m just an average person trying to make good choices for herself and her family but I also like convenience and indulgence.

Why MoodNaturally

 Because I strongly believe what I do, what I eat and what is going on around me greatly affects my mood.  My plan for this space is to write about organization, family, health, fitness and nutrition as well as organization. I know, I said organization twice but it’s sort of my “issue”.  My mind is much calmer when my space and life are well organized. I like to organize (and plan, lol).

A little about me

Let me try to quickly give you a coles notes version of me.

Family – My father passed away when I was ten years old which drastically changed many things in my life. I have a younger sister, nephew and soon to be (new) nephew. I met my husband (Big M) when I was fifteen, married him eleven years later and had a daughter (Little M) nine years after that.

Health I suffered through three miscarriages over the three years Big M and I spent trying to start our family. See my post here. I have dealt with mental illness specifically mild depression and some anxiety issues. I have tried medication but found for me that came with its own set of issues and I prefer to use fitness and nutrition to keep myself healthy.

Fitness Although these past two years I have had trouble finding the motivation to stick with regular workouts I usually am a pretty regular weight lifter (not a big fan of cardio but do try to incorporate it a little). I feel I’m at my best when I feel fit . Although my weight doesn’t usually fluctuate more than ten pounds my body composition can vary greatly.

Organization I am all about lists; things to do, checklists, schedules and plans. I like to create them, I love to use them and I don’t mind when my friends tease me about them. They are attached to my fridge and posted on my walls. No, not all my walls (I’m not crazy) just in select locations.


I hope to build a space to share happy thoughts about an imperfect but happy life.

Welcome and let’s try living a happy life, today.




A space to share happy thoughts about an imperfect but healthy, happily organized life