My Exercisers Creed

Before I get to my exercisers creed let me start with my exercise background.

I’ve been working out on and off since January 2003 when I got a gym membership. To create my workouts, I started by using Arnolds Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding because that’s what was available to me as well as the suggested circuit at my gym. I was quite a newbie but you’ve got to start somewhere.

From there I progressed to magazines and the internet for examples of workouts. as well as Oxygen magazine (the previous version) were my go to sources for ideas and information.

Exercisers Creed - Dumbbells

In 2010 my husband and I decided to buy some equipment for home and ditch the gym memberships. It really helped me cut down on time needed in the morning and helped get my lazy butt out of bed since my gym is now just a flight of stairs away. One of the most common excuses I used for skipping the gym was being too tired and not wanting to get out of bed.

Exercisers Creed - Gym

I prefer to work out in the morning because I have found that I am much more likely to have excuses why I can’t work out if I attempt to schedule it for the afternoon/evening (I really need to quit it with the excuses). When I was working I planned my workouts for first thing in the morning (after a snack) and they will go back to that time of day in a few months when I return to work. I’m currently still working out in the morning but the timing changes depending on the baby’s nap schedule. Most recently I’ve been able to workout with Little M awake but I have still kept it to the morning time.

My preference is to follow a planned workout schedule rather than just winging it. I like to create checklists and sheets on which I can track my sets and weight lifted. I’ve had success following Jamie Easons LiveFit trainer (found at which I have gone through (mostly) several times and have used it to create my own plans when limitations didn’t allow me to follow it to a T.

Currently I’m following Busy But Healthy Transform to Fit plan and am loving it! I really like the way the sets are split up. I think the three groups of three exercises trick my brain into thinking its less work than it is. But boy I still feel it the next day so I know it is real work.

You may have noticed I have not said anything about cardio. I know I should be doing more (there are bursts of cardio style exercises as part of the plan I’m following) but I really don’t care for it and haven’t been able to convince myself to get my lazy butt outside to run (I have done the running thing in the past but never stick to it through the really hot or cold seasons). Now that its getting colder here I know the likelihood of it happening is pretty much zero. I’ll probably try again in the spring. For now, I plan on creating a few cardio burst workouts to be done first thing in the morning. More on that in a future post.

Now since that’s out of the way onto the real point of this post. Recently I read on Body for Wife, James Fells’ exercisers creed and thought I should write one of those for myself. I always seem to focus on trying to lose fat when I know I really should be focusing on trying to get stronger (not that I don’t have fat to lose I just think strength would be a healthier approach to exercise). I’m nearing forty and know that having a healthy strong body (rather than just being skinny) will be more important as I age.

Exercisers Creed - bike

So here goes, My Exercisers Creed:

I will stop making excuses. I have a saying up in my gym to remind me – you can have results or excuses not both.

I will not be a wimp. I am stronger than I think and I will show myself respect by not doubting my abilities. I will listen to my body but be honest with myself. When it wants to go hard I will let it but if next time it needs me to ease off I will, no judgement.

I will fuel my body appropriately but I will also not put myself down if I give in. I will understand that the occasional indulgence is necessary and will let myself enjoy food. I will keep in mind that exercise is not an excuse to be a glutton. I will work on balance in this area. Knowing I have a really hard time saying no when I really know better and that the food I eat can greatly affect how I feel (and how much I can push myself during my workouts), I will work on making better choices more often.

I will not view exercise as punishment. I don’t currently see it this way but want to include this point in case I ever change my mind. Exercise can be fun and I believe being fit makes all aspects of life so much more enjoyable (and easier to participate in).

I will not focus on vanity. I want my motivation to come from strength and what my body can do not just what it looks like. I need to be a good role model for my daughter.

This is the only body I will ever have so I need to make sure it keeps moving efficiently. I am making a life long commitment to keeping it healthy and that will always include exercise.

If injury or illness requires that I take time off, I will return to exercise as soon as possible and be honest with myself about my limitations and abilities. The longer I stay away from exercise the longer it takes to get back to my usual self.

I was going to end this with wish me luck but I think that it sounds too negative, like I might not succeed. I prefer to end it in the same way James did.

I will not quit!

Have you written (or kept in your mind) an exercisers creed, something to keep you motivated to not quit?


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