Alphabet Based Activity Plan - EFGH

Alphabet Based Activity Plan – EFGH

Are you looking for some loosely planned activities to do with your little? How about ones based on the alphabet?

I started on November 9th with my alphabet based activity plans (you can find my first post here). We have completed A & B as well as C & D. So far sometimes it’s a bit of a struggle to come up with interesting activities but I’m committed to keep trying. I’m sure some weeks will be much better than others.

Either way I like the preplanned structure and I’m sure little M likes the additional activities.

Alphabet Activity Plan - E&F

Last week we did the letters E and F.

  • Monday we watched videos of elephants.
  • Tuesday we coloured pictures of faces and discussed the different parts like eyes and ears.
  • Wednesday we had hard boiled eggs (always have some on hand) and made scrambled eggs.
  • Thursday we coloured pictures of flowers.
  • Friday we sang Old McDonald and watched videos of farm machines (little M loved heavy machines).

Alphabet Activity Plan - G&H

This week we did the letters G and H.

  • Monday we pulled out everything we could find that was green.
  • Tuesday we tried grapes (again).
  • Wednesday we pulled out all the hats we could find and tried them on.
  • Thursday we traced our hands and coloured them.
  • Friday we watched videos of hippos.

A few things I learned over these past couple of weeks:

-E and F were hard letters for me. I don’t feel like I came up with anything too interesting. Maybe if I go around the alphabet again I’ll come up with something better next time.

-Little M still doesn’t care for grapes.

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Please note over the week before Christmas and the weeks of Christmas and New Year’s I’ll be taking a break from these activities. This break will delay my next post until January 8th (will be about I & J and K & L).


Have you planned this sort of thing to do with your little? How did you organize the activities (like I did by letter)? Do you have any other ideas for activities to do for the letters E and F or G and H?

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