Alphabet Based Activity Plan - MNOP

Alphabet Based Activity Plan – MNOP

Are you looking for some loosely planned activities to do with your little? How about ones based on the alphabet?

I started on November 9th with my alphabet based activity plans (you can find my previous posts linked at the end of this post). We have completed A through L. It’s been a bit of a struggle to come up with interesting activities but I’m committed to keep trying. I’m sure some weeks will be much better than others.

Either way I like the preplanned structure and I’m sure little M likes the additional activities.

I’ve been pretty bad lately at keeping up with this. I’m having trouble coming up with interesting activities to do and my little has been sick and hasn’t been very interested in doing much which hasn’t left me very motivated.

Alphabet Activity Plan - M&N

Last week we did the letters M and N.

  • Monday we did an activity from the previous week – we painted using lemons and limes.
  • Tuesday we made paper plate masks.
  • Wednesday we had an indoor snowball fight using large marshmallows.
  • Thursday we played with noodles and made noodle necklaces.
  • Friday we did the same as Thursday; the little really liked it.

Alphabet Activity Plan - O&P

This week we did the letters O and P.

  • Monday we searched for Oranges.
  • Wednesday we played with homemade playdoh.
  • Friday we had some pudding.

A few things I learned over these past couple of weeks:

  • The lemon and lime painting was not worth the prep work. The little didn’t care for it.
  • I learned that my little doesn’t like to wear masks or to see me wearing a mask. She was not impressed.
  • She laughed when I threw the marshmallows at her but she didn’t get that she was supposed to throw them back at me. She would pick them all up off the floor then run away from me and throw them down the stairs.
  • My little absolutely loved playing with dried noodles. I put a few containers and measuring spoons in a large Rubbermaid tub and filled the bottom with dried noodles. She would scoop and sort. On occasion she would try to move them from the bin onto the coffee table but would listen when I told her to return them to the tub. It was a great activity so we did it again the next day.
  • I was not very good at coming up with activities for the next week but that was kind of ok since the little got sick and wasn’t too interested in doing much later in the week.
  • The oranges were fun. I would hide them around the living room and she really enjoyed looking for them. I need to do this with more objects.
  • It was pretty easy to make the playdoh and since it was made with Jell-O it smelled delicious. Here’s the recipe I used, it’s easy and makes great playdoh.
  • Like all other things chocolate my little really liked chocolate pudding but I think she prefers straight milk chocolate or chocolate ice cream.

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I thought it may be helpful to include links to my favorite sites for ideas:

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Have you planned this sort of thing to do with your little? How did you organize the activities (like I did by letter)? Do you have any other ideas for activities to do for the letters M & N and O & P?


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