Alphabet Based Activity Plan - QRST

Alphabet Based Activity Plan – QRST

Are you looking for some loosely planned activities to do with your little? How about ones based on the alphabet?

I started on November 9th with my alphabet based activity plans (you can find my previous posts linked at the end of this post). We have completed A through P. It’s been a bit of a struggle to come up with interesting activities but I’m committed to keep trying. I’m sure some weeks will be much better than others.

Either way I like the pre-planned structure and I’m sure little M likes the additional activities.

I’ve been pretty bad lately at keeping up with this. I’m having trouble coming up with interesting activities to do and my little has been sick and hasn’t been very interested in doing much which hasn’t left me very motivated.

Alphabet Based Activity Plan - Q&R

Last week we did the letters Q and R.

  • Monday we didn’t do an activity.
  • Tuesday we painted with q-tips.
  • Wednesday we played with ribbons.
  • Thursday we watched videos about rockets.
  • Friday we planned on doing activities related rain and rainbows.

Alphabet Based Activity Plan - S&T

This week we did the letters S and T.

  • Monday we drew stars.
  • Tuesday we played with sponges.
  • Wednesday we coloured tulips.
  • Thursday we had a tea party.
  • Friday we didn’t do an activity.

A few things I learned over these past couple of weeks:

  • Painting with q-tips worked better than I thought it would. Little M actually tried using them as a paintbrush. I only have finger-paints so it didn’t work the best but I think it would be great with paint meant for paintbrushes.
  • Little M wasn’t very interested in the ribbons. She preferred playing with the cardboard spool the ribbon came on.
  • I originally planned on making a rocket out of a paper towel roll but I’m not as crafty as I had hoped.
  • Although I intended on making plans related to rain and rainbows we didn’t do anything letter related – mommy fail.
  • Drawing stars was a bit of a lame activity since it really was just little M colouring randomly on a page where I drew a bunch of stars.
  • Ok, new favourite toy. Little M loved sponges. She used them like blocks and build towers. She also liked taking them into the bath. I showed her how to squeeze them to suck up water, then squeeze them again to let the water out.
  • Again colouring tulips was a bit of a lame activity but little M likes to colour so still fun for her.
  • Tea party time. I just used cups we already had and put water into her cup but she liked pretending and any reason to have cookies is a great activity.

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I thought it may be helpful to include links to my favorite sites for ideas:

Have you planned this sort of thing to do with your little? How did you organize the activities (like I did by letter)? Do you have any other ideas for activities to do for the letters Q & R and S & T?


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